Race for Life: Cancer Research UK

Okay so this is incredibly cheeky and not at all book related but it is for a verrrrry good cause and I promise to write a book related post later! But I’ve recently started getting back into my running again and to celebrate that, and help raise money for charity, I’m running a 5k race on Sunday 18th May. I’m running in the Cancer Research UK event, Race for Life because unfortunately I know too many people who’ve lost someone to this horrid disease and I want to play my part in helping them find a cure.

Now, until a few weeks ago I’d hardly been running for months so the chances are pretty good that I’ll collapse halfway and have to finish the event through a pathetic hands and knees crawl, but I’ll do my best! I appreciate just how tight things are for everyone right now and to be honest, I’m not really sure how an international donation would work, but if you could spare even the very smallest amount for this very worthy cause I would be eternally grateful. And if not, I would also appreciate you all keeping your fingers and toes crossed on the day that I don’t completely embarass myself on the day and trip over or something! Because trust me, that is a very real possibility!

If you can and are willing, you can sponsor me here.

Thank you in advance for any donations and positive thoughts, and sorry for being so cheeky in asking!

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