Allegiant Review/Rant! (Warning. Spoilers for Insurgent.)

I wasn’t actually sure that I would be able to write this review today because I fully expected to be arrested by now after tracking down Veronica Roth and smacking her with a copy of her own book. I’m pretty sure they don’t allow book blogging in prison. Luckily the severe weather we’ve been having lately has thwarted any travel plans so she’s safe for now and book shopping today has calmed my rage enough to write my review of Allegiant for all you lovely people.

For those of you who haven’t read it yet first I have to say, lucky you, and second, here’s a brief synopsis. In the last book of the Divergent trilogy, our characters are dealing with the aftermath of the shocking video which revealed the truth behind the city’s origins and it’s factions. Those revelations added fuel to the already unstable situation after the factionless assumed control following the uprising in Insurgent. Tris, Tobias and Co have to decide whether they want to stay in the city or leave and try to track down those responsible for its creation. And if they find them, will they actually be any better than the likes of those responsible for so much pain and suffering in the city? What was the real reason for the birth of the factions?

Now, although I went into this reading experience with Β low expectations from reading all the bad reviews, I was still trying to keep an open mind and hope for the best. And I was actually enjoying the book for the most part. No, it’s not nearly as good as the other two books in the trilogy and the pace of the story is much slower than what we’ve come to expect but I thought all the focus on genetics, behaviour and essentially nature vs nurture was not only interesting but made sense. When we’re talking about a society where people are divided into different factions based on the importance they place on certain types of values and behaviours, discussions like these are bound to come up when you’re exploring the reasons for why this system was created. I also enjoyed spending time with Tris again and seeing how she’s progressed from where she was in Insurgent.

There were certain elements I wasn’t enjoying while I worked my way through the story like the dual POVs from Tris and Tobias. Tobias’ POV was weak and underdeveloped, and to be honest, didn’t really feel like the character I’d gotten to know in the previous books. His mind blowingly stupid decision to, yet again, ignore Tris’ instinct (which he supposedly values!) about a certain character and course of action, also made me want to reach into the book and smack him one. But I was able to put these things aside and focus on what I was enjoying about the story.

Then I got to the end…actually I got to a certain point near the end where I started to have very dark suspicions about what was going to happen. I tried to ignore the voice in my head and think that maybe I was wrong. I wasn’t and when I turned the last page, I was so filled with rage that I think I may have texted everyone I know ranting about my plans for Veronica Roth which I’ve already mentioned at the start of this post. I’m pretty sure with the amount of times I used words like ‘smack’ and ‘beating’ Β in these texts, I’ll probably be appearing on a lot of Government watch lists now. I am in complete and utter shock at how this series ended and I think it’ll be a long time before I’ll even be able to read the first two books again now that I know what happens. Why did you do this to us, Veronica Roth?? Whhhhhyyyyyyy?!!!!


What about you? Do you share my rage at the end of Allegiant or did you enjoy the book?

Any other endings to series that filled you with rage or disappointment?


31 thoughts on “Allegiant Review/Rant! (Warning. Spoilers for Insurgent.)

    • I really don’t understand what she was thinking! Sure it gave her a shocking ending but I’m quite sure she could’ve come up with some other way to get a shocking ending than that! Awful way to end the series!!

  1. First off, I’m putting this out there with a giant disclaimer and a plead for you not to wallop me over the head with a book. πŸ™‚

    …. I quite liked the ending. I had problems with the middle part of the book and all the science-y explanations as I felt it slowed it down for me. I wasn’t a big fan of Tobias’s POV but well, after *that ending* happened I realised, oh that’s why he has a POV, to tell us the final few pages. I applaud Veronica Roth for the ending as I’m sure she realised that some fans wouldn’t like it at all, but she still stuck to her guns and ended it the way she felt necessary.

    • The dual POVs did make sense once it got to the end but Tobias’s POV just felt pretty weak. Gasp, you liked the ending? I’ll be sure to let Veronica know we didn’t all hate the ending before the police drag me off for book assault! πŸ˜‰

  2. I actually didn’t hate Allegiant at all. I had a strong suspicion of *the ending* based on people’s reactions, so I was mentally prepared for that part. And then after Tobias annoyed me the whole book, I thought how he ended up pulling himself together at the end turned out to be really poignant and important for his development and growth as a character. But I can understand why it would be frustrating for sure.

    As far as other series that disappointed me, The Maze Runner trilogy, plus the prequel, were a big let-down for me, both in terms of plot and character developments.

    • OMG! Please tell don’t tell me that. I started The Maze Runner a month ago and I was planning on finishing the trilogy. I was so mad with the first book because it had no answers and no character development, but I was hoping for better sequels… Oh well!

      Regarding Allegiant… I thought it was a good book. I hated the Tobias point of view because I found it too similar to Tris’s, but aside from that, I liked it. A lot of people say that Tobias was so out of character, but I think his actions only revealed another part of himself. I mean, you have this tough, serious, and enigmatic character with “family issues”, of course on a deeper level he is going to be needy and wimpy. He had troubles with both his father and his mother… He’s not going to be a very emotional stable person, much less after the events of the first two books. But that’s just my opinion. And the ending, although it wasn’t necessary, it was ok for me. I prefer this kind of not so happy ending than a “everybody lives happily ever after” (I’m talking to you Harry Potter).

      • Yeah, sorry, I personally never felt a good resolution with the characters or plot in The Maze Runner. :/

        I completely agree with you about Tobias’s POV and his character. I think a lot of girls built him up as some sexy enigma who was perfectly brave and strong, but I think it’s pretty clear by the end of Divergent or especially by Insurgent that that’s not entirely true.

      • I think the main problem with Tobias’ point of view is that Veronica Roth didn’t have as much chance to develop his ‘voice’ as she had with Tris as this was the first we were hearing from his POV. It was just felt a bit weak to me really. I do agree that he’s bound to have been seriously damaged by all his experiences but I just thought he was annoying! And while I don’t think all books should have a happily ever after I do like to live in literary denial so usually prefer those stories more than sad or abrupt endings. πŸ™‚

    • I wasn’t too keen on the epilogue. Not too sure why it took 2 and a half years to do what they were doing in it but I am glad they had something like that rather than just finish it abruptly and not tell us what happened to them.

      Never read The Maze Runner and don’t know if I’ll rush out to buy it now!

      • The Maze Runner has an intriguing premise, but I think it fails to give answers to the central question of the book. Still, I read it because many people (more than 5) told me it was “a great book”. It’s not that bad either. So, give it a try sometime, maybe you’ll like it! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m glad to have caught your review on this now.
    As I said, I haven’t actually READ it yet, and while I’m a fan of things occasionally going against the grain…I’m in no rush to read it. That’s mostly due to how unsatisfied I was with Insurgent. I felt it lost…SOMETHING. I’m still not entirely sure WHAT however long after the fact, but I didn’t enjoy it as much.
    I will read Allegiant at some point, just to ‘finish it up’.
    I’ll be totally honest and say that Four was already getting on my nerves in book two, which was such a shame because I loved him in the first. Just a major bummer all around.

    I DO have to wonder how much internal battling Veronica Roth did with herself over all that. The ‘make other people happy’ and ‘tell it the way it’s supposed to be told’. I definitely understand that. Even understanding that…….I’m still not happy about it…

    • I’m glad that I read it because I hate leaving books in a series unread when I’ve read the others and it was brave of Veronica Roth to do what she wanted to do rather than give into pressure from others but I’m still not happy about it either! You’ll have to let me know what you think when you get around to it.

      • I hate it too, but I’m kind of used to it now. I don’t read nearly as much as I should! I’ve got a lot of series books I need to catch up on, and I’m hoping I can manage that this year (at least part of it).

        I will definitely let you know when I get around to that book, but I’ll probably have to re-read the other two first. But don’t be surprised if you get me randomly commenting on one of your blog posts at some point complaining about it. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, I was kind of wishing I’d re-read them more recently as well while I was reading Allegiant so that would probably be a good idea! I’ll keep an eye out for random complaining comments about it! πŸ™‚

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  5. Sooo… I still haven’t read Divergent but planned to eventually. I didn’t read beyond your 1st paragraph because I don’t want spoilers — but I have to ask: Given how you felt about the conclusion of the trilogy, would you recommend that I start it, or just give it up?

  6. Hmm…these are some really interesting thoughts Jan! I’m definitely with you on not being a huge fan of Tobias’ POV and how the whole genetics outlook was pretty interesting. I also loved the ending – it really takes guts to do something like that in a book, and I think Veronica handled it really well. I had a few more issues with it that you didn’t seem to have, so I’m really glad you enjoyed it so much! As always, brilliant review and thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, glad you liked the review! She was definitely brave to have written an ending like that knowing how a lot of people would respond. It’s her story so she should get to end it the way she wants to. It just didn’t work for me. Overall though I’m glad I read it and was able to finish off the trilogy. Tris is one of my favourite YA characters!

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  8. Sigh. I actually just finished this book myself. I was trying to decide was it the book I didn’t like or was I just unhappy with how the author ended it. There is a difference to me.. if it’s written well then that’s great… if I just was ticked about that ending then it’s another. Well.. I just think it was poorly written. Really the last book you switch POVs on us just to make the ending you want. I wonder how the movies will deal with this ending????

    • I can understand given the ending why she switched to the different POVs but it really was such a mistake to do that in the last book. It just didn’t work at all!! I’m a bit nervous about the movies overall! It looks quite different from how I pictured it. Who knows what they’ll do with it!

  9. I have waited for ages to read this review, I was like, I have to read it first! Now I have finally read it, and I feel kind of meh about it. I saw the ending coming, especially because I was expecting the worst what with what people had said about it. To be honest, it just wasn’t as good, and I totally agree about the POV thing, I often had to check to see that it was Tobias speaking. πŸ™‚

    • I think she really let herself down with this one. I know why, plotline-wise, she went with the dual POVs but it just didn’t work. It made me go right off Tobias and I’d always liked him!

  10. I have never read such an accurate review until I read yours. I totally understand what you mean and yes I also texted all my friends telling them my plans of genocide ^.^ im not going to lie, I really enjoyed insurgent, although it wasn’t as great as id hoped it’d be, it was interesting and the ending was well written. And im glad she didnt base the books just on tobias and tri (even though I wouldnt have minded a couple of lovey dovey pages) but shes confusing when it comes to what her motive was. At first I thought it was about courage and sacrifice, insurgent sort of back up that theory but then allegiant came along and actually their world is a cage for wildlife to preserve their genetics (what the fuck?!?) Sorry im ranting rather informally – I just finished reading the book and none of my friends have read it so I was looking for ways to express my anger!

    • I totally feel your rage! I just couldn’t believe it when I finished it and to be honest I don’t remember ever being that angry after finishing a book before! You have to wonder if that’s always how she thought about ending it or if it was a last minute thing! I did go to see the movie recently but it was hard knowing that this ending was coming! I’m just going to pretend it didn’t exist I think! I hope you’ve managed to get to the denial stage too and you’ve not been arrested for attacking Veronica Roth!

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