Book Buying: Plan of Attack!

Welcome to my first post of 2014! I hope the year has been treating you well so far and that a wonderful book filled year awaits us all! A great big thank you goes out to everyone who visited my very first blog hop and giveaway. You all made it such a fun experience and I will be letting the lucky winner know later today!

I was very lucky with the books I received at Christmas and I know that I should wait until I’ve read all of them, or at least most of them, before buying any more. And I would take that approach, really I would, but I’m meeting a friend at my favourite bookshop tomorrow who’s determined to get back into reading more often in 2014. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t encourage this goal by entering into the spirit of the book buying trip and making a few purchases myself? 🙂

My book buying tends to be done in one of three ways – 1)payday purchasing; 2)spontaneous book buying when someone foolishly lets me go into a bookshop unaccompanied or 3)a planned attack of Waterstones bookshop. Tomorrow falls into category number 3 which means I will go with a list of books that I’m hoping to get and will pick these up on sweep one of the shop.

I then make a second sweep to see if there’s anything else that takes my fancy, read the staff reviews on the shelves and take note of the books that I’m not sure enough about to purchase on the day but I’d possibly like to add them to my wishlist later after reading the Amazon reviews. Once both sweeps are done I’ll head to the cash register before visiting the bookshop cafe, where I can come down from my book buying high and enjoy a latte surrounded by all the lovely stories I’ve yet to buy/read. I will, of course, also remember that I’m there with my friend this time and will factor in some post-Christmas chat as well! 😉

My bookish new year resolutions were a big factor when I was trying to narrow down the books I wanted to buy. The top contenders on my hit list are…

  • The Count of Monte Cristo – I am determined to read more classics this year and I do love a good revenge story! If the Count isn’t available then my back-up will be The Romance of the Forest as mentioned in my favourite Austen novel, Emma. 🙂
  • A Fatal Winter –  I was stuck in a real genre rut by the end of 2013 and I want to get back to reading lots of different genres. This cosy mystery about an ex-M15 agent turned local crime-solving vicar is the second in a series which I started early last year and it’ll be a fun way to start widening my reading range again.
  • Petite Mort – There are so many books that have become almost permanent fixtures on my wishlist and I really need to get around to either trying them or taking them off the list. I have looked at this strange story set in the world of silent films in Paris, 1914 so many times and never bought it. Tomorrow, I plan to take the plunge and finally make the purchase!

What about you? How do you shop for books? Do you go into a bookshop with certain books in mind or do you just see what takes your fancy on the day?

What books are you hoping to buy next?




20 thoughts on “Book Buying: Plan of Attack!

  1. Most of the time I’m a blend of shopping – I try to only enter a bookstore when I have a specific item I’m looking for. Otherwise, I do far too much damage to my wallet! But if I have a few extra dollars and I feel like book shopping, I go by this rule: “One hardback or two paperbacks.” It usually keeps me in the $20 range, and that way I feel like I’ve accomplished something but don’t walk out with too many books!

  2. Usually I go into a bookstore with no plan at all, except to look at all the books. I could browse for hours without even buying anything. There are just so many good ones that I find it hard to pick out just one (or 2, or 3). When I do buy books, it’s usually at a second-hand bookstore. I like to support them when I can, because I love the feel of a used bookstore and to visit them wherever I go. I don’t want them to ever go out of business – they are so much more interesting than new book stores.

    • I love secondhand bookshops too. Unfortunately there aren’t any near me. 😦 Down in the Dumfries and Galloway area of Scotland though there is a town called Wigtown with about 20 bookshops, lots of secondhand, and all the towns down that area are filled with second hand bookshops. It’s bliss! 🙂

  3. I think every time I’ve walked into a bookshop, I’ve been looking for someone else. I prefer second hand books too or the library. Our small town has a preloved group on Facebook & I’ve picked up loads of books around $2 each.

  4. For me, the Kindle one-click shopping option is evil. I can easily buy 10 books without realizing it. If I’m in a bookstore, i whip out my iPhone and open up my Goodreads app and look for the books I want. Then I browse the sales tables (for new-book stores) or start browsing the shelves in used bookstores.

    • Yeah, I think I’d be bankrupt if I had a Kindle and that was an option! I ended up only getting one of the books on my list yesterday and then just wandering around and around and around till I got a few more. I just couldn’t decide what to buy! I am a big fan of the sales tables as well. 🙂

  5. I like those techniques, especially the “impulse buying” sort… sometimes it is fun to discover something new! I have to say that with the e-reader and with all of these great book blogs I’ve started following, I’m getting lazy! Now, in a matter of minutes I have some good recommendations and in a few more minutes can download the book. But when I do have time, nothing beats several hours spent in a bookstore.

    • That would be the real danger for me if I had an e-reader! I’d be bankrupt in a month! I spent so long going round and round the bookstore the other day they probably thought I was casing the joint! lol

  6. I hope you had a fantastic time at the bookstore with your friend! I do love those days – just perusing the bookstore with a good coffee and a good friend. I haven’t done that in a while…

    PLEASE let me know how The Count of Monte Cristo is!
    I loved (LOOOOOOOVED) the movie with Jim Caveizel (I’m a fan of his in general, most of the time). I just have a problem with ‘the classics’ and worry I wouldn’t be able to stomach them. Wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t love hard copies of books and if they weren’t so freaking expensive…
    I just can’t handle reading on screens unless it’s necessary.

    And it might be weird, but I only buy paperbacks in bookstores. I buy all hardcovers on the internet (so much cheaper). I have a RIDICULOUSLY long to-be-read list, separated into ones that don’t have hardcover copies (which I’ll always take over paperbacks), so I’ll usually pick up a paperback from there when I go into a store. I’m weird, and I like lists…
    I’ve been trying to find more time to read lately, but it’s just so hard…
    I think I’m rambling…

    • To be honest I chickened out of buying The Count of Monte Cristo! I hadn’t realised it was a great big doorstop of a book and although I don’t want to let things like that put me off this year, I think I’ll leave it until later in the year to attempt! It took me ages to find books that I wanted, even though I had my list, but I got there in the end! I’d like to read more classics this year but I think you really need to be in the mood for them and they need to be the right classics. Some you can still enjoy even though they’re old fashioned but others I just can’t get into at all. It was a good movie with Jim though! Can’t believe it was a young Henry Cavill playing his son though! Soo young then!

      I tend to buy paperbacks in the shop as well unless there are hardbacks on special offer.

      • I can’t say I blame you there. That’s kind of like me and The Stand – I want to read it, but whew, that’s a big commitment. Add CLASSIC onto The Count of Monte Cristo and it’s even more intimidating!
        I’ll agree that you’d totally have to be in the right mood for them, unless you’re one of those people that doesn’t find them difficult to get through. (I wish I was…)

        UGH, that movie was SO GOOD.
        AND I DIDN’T REALIZE THAT WAS HENRY CAVILL! Not until you said something. Then it was like, “OMG, it totally WAS!”

      • I didn’t realise it was him at first either and couldn’t believe it when I spotted it! He would’ve been too pretty for me at the time he made that one. After Man of Steel though…;-)

      • I’ll tell you what…
        I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to that movie he’s going to be in with Armie Hammer. I don’t usually say people are attractive, but omg…Armie Hammer is just……GAH (That’s what just happened to my brain.)
        That will be too much good-lookingness for one screen.

  7. Sometimes I wish someone would surprise me at Christmas with a book. I mean… everyone knows I am a reader but no one buys me a book!! The Count of Monte Cristo is a fabulous book!! I love it so much. I am so glad I read it (even though it’s super duper long).

    • No one buys you a book? Oh no! Are they too scared in case you’ve already got what they bought you? I’ll admit when I saw the length of The Count of Monte Cristo it did scare me a bit but as I tackle my resolutions over the year I’ll give this one a shot!

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