New Year, New Authors, New Books Blog Hop

Happy New Year or Happy Hogmanay as we say here in Scotland! I hope that whatever you have planned for tonight that your celebrations are filled with madcap craziness, friends and family, and that you can actually still remember it all tomorrow morning. As part of my new year plans I have decided to participate […]

Christmas Book Haul 2013

Well, I have managed to roll myself off the couch and stop gobbling festive treats long enough to come and check in with all you lovely people. 🙂 I hope if you were celebrating Christmas that you had a wonderful day and Santa blessed you with all the books you were hoping for. For my […]

Anxieties of a new blogger

I’ve been blogging for just under 2 months now and when I decided to take the plunge, and become part of the blogosphere, I don’t think I fully realised what an emotional rollercoaster that would be. Truth be told, the image I had in my head before starting this consisted of me as a modern […]

Falling in love with books

When I’m not reading, finding books to add to my wishlist, blogging or ogling attractive actors on tv/in films, I work as an educational researcher. One of the saddest issues that we come across is that the numbers of children who read for pleasure are scarily low. For boys especially. As a lifelong bookaholic it’s […]