Book sequels, Part 2: Sequels for Santa!

My last post I had a bit of a rant about sequels that should never have been written so today, I thought I’d talk about the sequels that I am dying to read and am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that they won’t end up falling into the rant category as well. With a seriously out of control to read pile it’s not likely I’ll get to read any of these before Christmas so I am hoping that a certain white bearded, red suited dude will work his magic and I’ll find them under my tree on Christmas morning. If he also wanted to leave Stephen Amell from Arrow that would be much appreciated! 🙂

Anyhoo, here are my much dreamed of sequels…

1. Allegiant by Veronica Roth – I’ve been a big fan of the trilogy from the first book, Divergent, and I’ve managed to convince a few friends to read both it and Insurgent. Still working on the rest of them. This one I definitely can’t read until the holidays because my best friend is expecting to get it then as well and we’ve promised we will hold off until we can both read it at the same time. It has not been easy. Seriously every time I go into a bookshop there’s a display or it’s on the new release table and I can hear it saying ‘Read me, read me now!’ But I am determined to resist! I’m not too sure how I’ll like the alternating POVs between Tris and Tobias, and I’ve heard that the ending might be a little annoying but I’m keeping the faith that it’ll be just as good as the first two. If you know different, I don’t want to know!

2. World After by Susan Ee – I wasn’t expecting to like the first one, Angelfall and if I’m honest the only reason I got it is because there was a 3 for 2 offer on in the bookshop and I was looking for a third. Obviously the book gods of fate knew that I should read it because I saw it out the corner of my eye and added it to my haul. Unlike the book I’m reading now (The Name of the Wind) the action in this book started immediately and although it was about the end of the world and angels – which are everywhere right now – Angelfall was a bit different and I was totally sucked in. I couldn’t stop reading it and I have been waiting desperately for the sequel ever since I turned the last page. I just hope it’s worth the wait!

3. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas – When the first book, Throne of Glass came out in the UK, I’ll admit I was drawn to it by the really cool cover. I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but if we’re honest we all do, and I’m pretty shallow so I do it all the time! 🙂 It was another one that set the scene really quickly telling of an assassin forced to take part in trials alongside other criminals to see who will become the King’s Protector. It had bits of what I loved from the Hunger Games as well as good fantasy stories. Celaena was a kick ass character. With swords! Even though she showed a softer side at times, unlike other stories with a strong female lead, although she did show that side, she never ever lost her edge. She kicked ass and took some names! I finished it on the train to work and was really upset although my boss strangely didn’t seem to care what happened to Celaena and expected me to actually do some work. That was just mean. I really can’t wait to meet up with Celanea and, of course, the lovely Chaol, again!

4. Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor – This one isn’t out until next April in the UK which means even Santa won’t have a shot of getting it for Christmas but it is conveniently going to be released shortly before my birthday. Hint, hint friends who are reading this. 🙂 This will be the last in the trilogy and we’ll get to see what happens to Karou, Ziri and the rest. Will the chimera rebellion succeed? Will the angels win? Will Karou ever forgive Ziri? Will they get it on again? Who can say?! Laini Taylor has done a great job so far creating a cast of unforgettable characters, incredible tension and after her descriptions of Prague in the first book, that city has now become number 2 on the list of places I most want to visit. I think Laini Taylor would definitely be one of  my literary BFFs and I know she won’t let me down!

So what about you? Are there any sequels you’re dying to read?

Any books that you’re trying to hold off until Christmas to enjoy over the holidays?



2 thoughts on “Book sequels, Part 2: Sequels for Santa!

  1. Having been to Prague I highly recommend it! As for Allegiant the less said the better. My current reading predixament is whether to read the new Terry Pratchett or start the Rivers of London series of which I have the first two books. Decisions decisions!

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