Book sequels that should never have been written!

If you’re like me as soon as you find out that a new book in a series is coming out then you’re rushing straight out to buy it, or are at least pre-ordering it. Most of the time when we curl up on the couch eager to find out what’s going to happen we’re not disappointed.  There are some times though when authors let us down so badly that we want to throw the book down in disgust and it almost feels like we’ve been let down by our best friend. There are some times when book sequels are churned out that should never have seen the light of day.

There are quite a few that could fall into this category but here are my top 4 –

  1. Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding –  When I found out there was going to be another Bridget Jones sequel I had mixed feelings as the last one was pretty poor. I really enjoyed the first one though so I decided to give Helen another chance and popped it onto my wishlist. Then came the shocking revelation that our romantic hero, Mark Darcy, was not only not in it but had been killed off!! I couldn’t believe it! Why, Helen Fielding, why?? What were you thinking?? When I read a romantic comedy I expect happy endings not to discover that the main love interest, especially not someone like Mark, has been killed!!
  2. Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris –  I could include any of the last few books in the True Blood series but I’m going to focus on the last because it’s the one when I finished I thought, ‘Seriously?!’ I’ve been reading these books for over a decade. I stuck by Charlaine when she started to ruin our favourite characters like Eric, when love scenes were beyond tame, and when she seemed to have lost all concept of what an action scene was. And I was rewarded by a totally limp ending to a 13 long book series! The love interest that they’ve been building towards for YEARS finally happened but was so underwhelming I just didn’t care and the way the ‘action’ was written it felt like she had just given up and didn’t care anymore. Total let down.
  3. City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare – This also includes City of Lost Souls which is the most recent in the City of… series. It was originally intended as a trilogy and you can tell. At the end of City of Glass all the main plotlines are tied up nicely, good has triumphed over evil and with the exception of Simon, things are looking up for our Shadowhunters. Then came City of Fallen Angels. The storyline was just weak, nicely tied up stories were torn apart and characters like Jace were watered down to nothingness. Cassandra obviously had underestimated how much money she’d make from this series and is determined to milk it, at the expense of the characters, for all it’s worth!
  4. This one takes in every sequel of a classic that’s ever been written by someone other than the original author. I don’t mind a story that is inspired in some way by a classic but be original and come up with your own characters! If there was meant to be a sequel the actual author would’ve written it and chances are, however much they might like to think otherwise, these new authors are not anywhere approaching the same league as the originals! Leave the classics alone and try using your imagination for a change!!

What about you? Any sequels that totally ruined a series for you?

Ever felt let down by your favourite author(s)?


12 thoughts on “Book sequels that should never have been written!

  1. I never even made it through all the Charlaine Harris books… Do you know the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich? I read the first four, which were really funny and entertaining. Then another four, but I gave up after book 8. I think the series is now up to book 20, and she still botches her bounty hunter career and can’t decide which guy to pick. It’s a bit repetitive at this point…

    • Well you weren’t missing anything! I’ve only read the first two of the Stephanie Plum series but it doesn’t sound like they’re worth continuing with! I don’t know why these authors insist on dragging these things out so much!

  2. Definitely agree on the Sookie books! I read all the way through to the end, even though they just kept going downhill from about #8 onward. I stopped the Cassandra Clare books after #3 — it certainly seemed like an ending to me, and I didn’t see any reason to keep going! I also can’t stand “re-do” versions of classics (usually), although if there’s a really good twist, like Pride & Prejudice & Zombies or Longbourn, then I’m willing to go with it. Great topic!

    • Thanks! 🙂 The True Blood ones were such a disappointment after a strong start to the series and Cassandra Clare should’ve quit while she was ahead! I don’t mind some classic inspired stories like that but when they just try to be like the original author with a straight sequel or revision, that’s just wrong!

  3. I haven’t read the last Sookie book, but I’m probably one of the few people that actually liked them all (yes, even the last three). I’m waiting to see what happened on Dead Ever After and what the buzz was about!

    I do hate when series become repetitive and have a lot of sequels that really add nothing to the story. That being said, I do like the Stephanie Plum books because they’re funny. I get they are basically the same every book, but they make me laugh so much!

    • If you liked the last three then you might not think the very last one is that bad – there are some good bits about it – but just be prepared because the ending is a bit of an anti-climax after all that’s happened!

      Yeah, if a series gets repetitive it can be annoying but then again there can be something comforting knowing what you’re going to get and knowing that it’s something you like! Takes away the risk of reading a new book. I might go back and try the rest of the Stephanie Plum books at some point.

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