Location, location, location!

Sunday was the first sunny day that we’ve had here in over a week so when plans for afternoon tea with my parents fell through, I grabbed my book and sped down to the harbourside as fast as my beloved VW Beetle (known as Berkeley) would take me. I live in a small seaside town on the west coast of Scotland, not far from Glasgow, and one of the best things about living here is having a spot like this to relax with a book.

Sunny harbour seat

It really is the perfect reading spot. Totally peaceful, with only the occasional dog walker or family out enjoying a rare day of sunshine, and a view like this to look up at whenever the action on the page gets too much or you want to daydream about some incredible literary character…

Arran on a sunny winter's day

And also a view like this…

Big idea on a winter's day

The book I had with me yesterday was a new fantasy novel, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I had very high hopes for this one after glowing reviews on Amazon and from a friend with similar tastes to mine – which is to say they range from the classics to the trash! 🙂 After an incredibly disappointing last read (The Haunted Bookshop by Christoper Morley) I was also in the mood to be blown away so it was with a huge sense of excitement that I settled down on my bench in my favourite spot and started to read… When I realised I was more concerned with the seagulls who had created a circle around me and were eyeing me up like I was a giant Happy Meal, than I was with the ‘action’ on the page, I was not a happy bunny.

The debut of Kvothe – magician, thief, dragon-slayer, lover and assassin – is definitely a slow burner and I was wondering how long I should give it before taking it from prized bookshelf space to the Bitter Disappointment pile. I’m not the type of person who feels honour bound to finish every book they start. Life is too short to read bad books and as I have to read a lot of academic stuff for work, I don’t like to spend what little free time I have on boring stories.

Having said that I know that I can be too quick to judge a book sometimes (my friend, Carla is reading this and nodding in total agreement here!) so I determined that I would persevere a wee bit longer. And I’m so glad I did! While it’s early days and there’s a still a lot of book to read, once the story really gets going, there is plenty going on to keep you turning pages, curious to find out where the story is going. There’s a whole other world created in those pages and it’s one that I think I’m going to enjoy spending time in! So it just goes to show you that patience really is a virtue!

How about you? Is there a favourite spot you like to read in?

Do you force  yourself to keep going with a book until the bitter end or do you move on if a  book isn’t taking your fancy?


8 thoughts on “Location, location, location!

  1. Oh wow that is a gorgeous reading spot! It’s hard to know when to give up on a book or not. I usually finish what I start but I’m trying to get better about knowing when to throw in the towel. And as you said, life’s too short to spend time reading a book you’re not enjoying.

    I’ve heard great things about The Name of the Wind, so that’s probably one I’d stick with for the long haul.

    Have a good week!

    • It really was the perfect spot yesterday though we don’t get the weather like that too often to enjoy it! My friend always finishes what she starts and tells me I don’t give books enough of a chance. I’m glad that I’m sticking it out with The Name of the Wind. It can be a bit of a slow burner at times but it’s definitely keeping me curious about what happens next!

  2. What a gorgeous reading spot! I love reading outdoors when it’s not too hot (summers where I live can be brutal between the heat and humidity). I’ve had my eye on The Name of the Wind for a long time; I really enjoy reading epic fantasy, and I’ve heard that one is amazing. Hope you enjoy reading it!

    • Thanks Lee! We usually have the opposite problem here and the weather’s too cold to be reading outside! The Name of the Wind was definitely a slow starter but it’s really in its stride now, I’d recommend it!

  3. Nothing beats a scenic reading location! I typically read outside in my backyard in the mornings before work. I finish reading what I start, but I’m extremely selective about what I start.

  4. That is a gorgeous reading spot!! Living in a seaside town in Scotland sounds wonderful to me… I really enjoy taking a book to my neighborhood public garden, or a quiet spot along the Canal Saint-Martin — but only on a warm day! Otherwise, I’ve been known to read at my neighborhood cafe at an off hour when there isn’t too much noise. As for reading a book that is difficult to get into… I try my hardest to keep going, but sometimes it’s useless. Sometimes it’s worth coming back to years later. I tried reading “The Picture of Dorian Gray” several years ago and just couldn’t get interested in it. Then I tried again a couple of years ago and loved it!

    • Living there certainly does have it’s benefits but like you I can only really enjoy that particular spot on a warmer day! Sitting in the park to read your book must be lovely as well. Cafes are good but it does definitely depend on the noise level – I can’t really read when there’s loud music or it’s too busy. That’s a good point about coming back to a book. Sometimes it’s definitely the case that I’ve just not been in the mood for a particular book but enjoyed it at a later point!

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